We are currently “on the hard” for bottom paint, zincs, and few other little things. It’s been two years since the boat was last out of the water, three years since the bottom was completely redone.

We came back from Poulsbo last Monday morning, stopped at the slip long enough to straighten up the boat and take some stuff off. Then I popped across the lake to Yachtfish Marine while Kim came around the lake with the car.

Along with bottom paint and zincs, Yachtfish is replacing the cutlass bearings while the boat is out of the water. They have a nifty gizmo that will eliminate much of the labor and time for this task. They can press the old bearing out and the new one in without the need to remove the shaft. They are also going to check shaft alignment and motor mounts for us. I don’t know when that was last done. The motor mounts could be as old as the boat.

Getting in the Sling of Things. M/V Archimedes hauls out at Yachtfish Marine

In Position. M/V Archimedes hauls out at Yachtfish Marine.

It’s always a bit scary when the boat is hanging in the air. There is something disconcerting about it. I know they do this all the time, but a boat is meant to be floating in the water, not swinging in the air.

Going Up! M/V Archimedes hauls out at Yachtfish Marine.

Rolling along. M/V Archimedes hauls out at Yachtfish Marine.

Almost there. M/V Archimedes hauls out at Yachtfish Marine.

They put us over in the corner, then realized the travelift was backward – Ooops! – and had to back out, turn around, and put the boat back in the slot. And that’s where we left it. We will be all shiny and new underneath shortly. We will pick her up this Friday night.

Then it’s off to Gallery Marine for a new generator … probably …

Spring is coming!

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