A Windy Poulsbo Weekend

I am an optimist. At least I am when it come to spending time on the boat. So our plan was to motor over to Poulsbo for a nice, relaxing weekend. Kim likes Poulsbo. We would anchor out and watch the world as the boat gently swings on the hook. That wasn’t exactly how it worked out. We started out well, but the weather turned uncooperative.

After an easy trip through the locks Saturday morning, we pointed the bow toward Port Madison. The sky was a thin overcast. The seas were calm, almost no other boats in sight. All was good in the world.

mv Archimedes Kim at the helm 1Along the way, we decided anchoring would be less desirable than a slip in the marina. The weather forecast was for wind. There goes gently swinging on the anchor. And rain. Motoring the dinghy to town would not be that much fun in the rain. So the destination was now the marina.

As luck would have it, and being February, the Poulsbo marina was mostly empty — except for the 40′ slips. All but one was reserved. So we took E54 out on the end.

Morning sun on Archimedes in Poulsbo, WA.

Late in the afternoon, the wind came up and water fell from the sky off and on. The wind and rain continued all night. As you can see, the winds were fairly strong from time to time. We saw a gust or two just over 30 knots.

mv Archimedes Poulsbo wind 1

Sunday morning was quite and mostly calm in the marina. And in downtown Poulsbo.

Downtown Poulsbo on an early February Sunday morning.

Rain and wind were both back later in the afternoon. It was a long wet walk to Casa Luna for dinner. Margaritas were in order.

mv Archimedes Poulsbo dinner

We were on our way at 0630 Monday morning. We were scheduled to haul out a Yachtfish Marine on Lake Union at 1130. Wind and rain followed us all the way to the locks. We waited a while at the locks while the Seattle Fireboat, Chief Seattle came in past us and in to the small lock. No room for us so we waited for the next cycle.

mv Archimedes Ballard Locks going up 1

All time on the boat is a good time. It was a nice relaxing weekend. A bit wet and windy from time to time, but it’s nice and dry and warm in the boat so it’s all good.

I mentioned the faded wood in the salon a few posts ago. My low tech and low cost option was just to put a picture there. It covers it … mostly. And it’s a nice picture.

Wall art aboard the M/V Archimedes.