Floating again

We are back in the water and back home at our slip. We picked the boat up late Friday night. The Yachtfish folks were kind enough to make the boat available to us well after they had all gone home for the weekend.

New bottom paint, zincs, and cutlass bearings. This is the best picture of the bottom paint I could get. The boat was already in the water when we went to get it.

mv Archimedes new bottom paint bow

On to the cutlass bearings. I have no idea how long it’s been since the cutlass bearings were inspected or replaced. We wanted Yachtfish to take a look at them. In fact, we went to Yachfish partially because they have a nifty tool for replacing the bearings without removing the shafts. The cost to replace would be less because there would be less labor in the work. Turns out this was (as is so often the case) wishful thinking.

When we pulled the boat out of the water, I could turn the starboard prop easily with my hand. The port side took both hands and a bit of effort. The cutlass bearings were swollen on both shafts. So it was definitely time to replace them. But … as you can barely see in this bad photo, we have two struts on each shaft. Four bearings total. The nifty machine only works on the outside brace.

mv ARchimedes Prop shaft and struts

Once those were replaced, the port shaft still did not turn freely. The solution … it turns out is that … we actually have six cutlass bearings. Two at the hull. Once those two were replaced, the port side problem was gone. Oh! and the shafts are straight, motor mounts good, and so on. But it took much more work to get those extra four done. Good thing we did though. Anything less than a free turning shaft is hard on the transmission and motor.

In other news …

Saturday afternoon, we took a couple friends out on a three hour tour. That’s not actually how we planned it, just how it turned out. Fortunately, we encountered no storms, shipwrecks, or uncharted islands during the voyage. Ariston and Selena were up from Southern California on an outing of their own. The timing worked out so that we could give them a short tour of area. We cruised around Lake Union, out into Lake Washington, and down the ship canal to the locks. That’s about all we had time for. Of course it was the first overcast and wet day of their trip. Perfect NW boating weather. I have no pictures. I can remember to get the camera out, but I can’t seem to remember to use it.

mv Archimedes 3 hour tour

Oddly, our Lake Union travels don’t coincide exactly with what marine traffic.com reports. Oh well.

Sunday, we covered up the boat and said good-bye for a couple of weekends. I’ve got a new water heater to install. I managed to buy it at Fisheries Supply this weekend.  Buying is far easier than installing. We are going to have Gallery Marine put in a shiny new Westerbeke generator in the next couple of weeks. We’ve never had a generator. Should be a great addition. We are looking forward to unlimited power!

mv Archimedes Canvas Off

mv Archimedes Canvas On


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