Hot water

Our project this weekend was the water heater. The one we have seems to have served its purpose admirably, but has developed a small leak. It’s a Raritan R-12. I don’t see anything on it that helps me determine its age. All indications are that it has been there for some time. I figure I’ll just buy the exact same thing and all the connections will line up nicely, right? Easy.

You can barely see where the old tank is leaking. It’s the little line of rusty goo down where the arrow is. The tank is actually leaking from the back somewhere and then running down the floor of the engine room. I assume the rust around the bottom of the tank is a part of the leak problem.

mv Archimedes Water Heater old 1

There is no easy way to drain the water heater. So I just disconnected the water lines and let it drain into the bilge. The coolant was another matter. I caught that in a small container. Here’s the old heater disconnected and ready to be removed.

mv Archimedes Water Heater old 5

You can see where the water has been leaking on the back of the shelf.

mv Archimedes Water Heater old 4

I wrestled the old heater out on to the dock to remove all the fittings. It’s a bit of a challenge getting the heater and me out of the engine room, out the doors, and on to the dock.

mv Archimedes Water Heater old 2

Be sure to pull all of the fittings off the old tank. I needed all of them for the new tank.

mv Archimedes Water Heater old 3

I cleaned up the old fittings. Here they are, wrapped with teflon tape and ready to install on the new tank.

mv Archimedes Water Heater new 1

The old fittings have been installed on the new tank and all threads have been wrapped in teflon tape.

Here is the new heater. It’s a Raritan 1700. 12 gallon with engine heat exchanger. The connections on the new heater are not exactly in the same place, but everything lines up close enough that it all worked out.

mv Archimedes Water Heater new 2

The old hoses line up mostly. There are some minor differences, but nothing requiring relocation or modifications.

mv Archimedes Water Heater new 5

And finally, the new tank in place. No leaks! And hot water. I must have done it right.

mv Archimedes Water Heater new 3

This space below is soon to be occupied by a shiny new generator. We dropped the boat off at Gallery Marine on Sunday for a new 7.6KW Westerbeke generator.

mv Archimedes generator before 1

At Gallery Marine’s docks. Ready  for the new generator. The work will take just about two weeks.

mv Archimedes Gallery Marine 1

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