Progress on the generator installation

I’ll just pickup where I left off with the last post. Gallery Marine is installing an extra swell Westerbeke 7.6 kW generator for us. Here’s the big empty spot at the back of the engine room where the new generator will live. It will sit spanning the stringers between the fuel tanks.

mv Archimedes generator before 1

We dropped the boat off last weekend. The process will take about two weeks. It will be ready for us to pickup next weekend.

Word has it that the boat had a generator in the past. Apparently something transpired and a previous owner decided to remove it. Perhaps it failed and the owner decided it was less expensive to remove than repair or replace. I can understand that. It’s not cheap to put a new generator in. Anyway … they removed just about everything generator related. They were very thorough. So now we need to put all that stuff back in as well. It’s only money.

It’s likely we would have been just fine with a 5.5 kW, but in comparison to the total cost, the 7.6 kW was just a little bit more. Since we are doing it, we might as well go ahead with the slightly more powerful model.

We are going with a sound enclosure and underwater exhaust to minimize the sound of the generator also.

Mike, left, and Jorgen are using the crane and the gantry to maneuver the generator on to the boat and in through the port side door. The generator weighs in at around 400 pounds.

mv Archimedes Gallery Marine installing the generator 2

And here is the generator resting in it’s new home. There is still a bunch of work to do.

mv Archimedes Gallery Marine installing the generator 3

I don’t know what we will do with all the power. We learned to be power misers when we had the Islander sailboat. When we bought this boat, we converted lights to LEDs, refrigerators to DC only, and live with minimal power usage at anchor. We can go three or four days on the hook on the batteries we have. Now we will be livin’ large with all the power we can possibly use. Kim will especially like hot water. That’s the only thing we lack when we are anchored out.

Since we are doing all the work, we asked Gallery Marine to address a few other issues. The port alternator seems to have quit. That needs to be checked out. And we have a freezer on the flybridge. It’s been there since we bought the boat. And it’s never worked. Actually, it hadn’t even been wired up at all. We’ll have that wired properly and checked. If the freezer doesn’t work, we’ll have to attend to it shortly. It will be handy to have a big working freezer. (Sorry. This is the best photo I had handy.)

mv Archimedes flybridge freezer

Thanks to Don Gonsorowski for the photos!

More to come …

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