Garmin xHD radar upgrade

I always have high hopes starting a project. They never turn out to be as straightforward as I want them to. My project for this weekend was to replace the Garmin 18″ HD radome with a new fancy and possibly amazing just released Garmin 24″ xHD radome. In addition to the new radar, I also bought a new Seaview mast mount. The best price I found on the radome was The GPS Store, the Seaview mount came from Fisheries Supply.

It should be a fairly simple swap. There is just a power cable and a CAT5 network cable out to the radar. The hardest part should be changing the mast mount. Right? That’s the way I figured it.

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We have power!

I’m a little late posting here. The new generator is installed and working properly. 63 amps of glorious AC whenever we want it. We took the boat over to Blake Island for the weekend with our friend Bruce just to test it out and see how it worked. It’s pretty decadent to have power and hot water any time we want it.

Here’s the new generator installed in the aft part of the engine room. Gallery Marine did a great job. Thanks to Don and everyone who worked on our old boat! Gallery Marine has been added to our “Businesses We Like” list.

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