We have power!

I’m a little late posting here. The new generator is installed and working properly. 63 amps of glorious AC whenever we want it. We took the boat over to Blake Island for the weekend with our friend Bruce just to test it out and see how it worked. It’s pretty decadent to have power and hot water any time we want it.

Here’s the new generator installed in the aft part of the engine room. Gallery Marine did a great job. Thanks to Don and everyone who worked on our old boat! Gallery Marine has been added to our “Businesses We Like” list.

mv Archimedes generator 1 mv Archimedes generator 3

The battery switch allows us to combine the start battery with the house bank and starboard engine alternator. This would come in handy if for some reason the generator battery was flat. The coolant expansion tank is on the right.

mv Archimedes generator 4

We wanted the generator as quiet as possible. Picture this … the sun is just coming up in a quiet little anchorage. It’s as still and quiet as can be. Then all of a sudden the stillness is broken by the sound of someone’s generator firing up so they can make coffee. We did not want that to be us. Even though we would wait ’til later in day for the generator, we opted for a water separator in the exhaust. That’s about as much as we could do to minimize the sound. While the generator is audible inside the boat, it is not unpleasantly loud, nor is it offensively noisy¬†outside.

mv Archimedes generator exhaust 1

The control panel is really easy. One button start, one button stop. Just push the button. The generator goes through it’s startup process and away it goes. Then just push the stop button, and silence once again. While the generator is running, the display alternates between engine speed, output voltage, and other useful information.

mv Archimedes generator panel 1

I think work on the boat is just about done for this year. Well not entirely. I just bought ¬†Garmin’s fancy new broadband 24″ xHD radar to replace our older 18″ unit. I’ll install that next weekend. Then we are done. Probably.

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