Puget Sound Grand Banks Rendezvous (part 1)

74 boats and over 200 people attended the annual Puget Sound Grand Banks Owners Association Rendezvous in fantastic Roche Harbor this last weekend. This is the reason we were in the San Juans. This was our second Grand Banks rendezvous.

mv Archimedes PSGBOA rendezvous 7

Roche Harbor kindly gave everyone a free night Wednesday night so 70% of the folks attending the rendezvous arrived a day early.

mv Archimedes PSGBOA rendesvous 17

Lady Donna III backs in. The PSGBOA has many Canadian members. For some reason, only a few attend the rendezvous.

mv Archimedes Lady Donna III arives for the Rendezvous

The weather cooperated most of the weekend. It poured rain Thursday afternoon and into the night. Friday was beautiful once again.

Morning at the rendezvous. It’s great to see so many boats essentially the same, and at the same time, all very different.

mv Archimedes PSGBOA rendezvous 1

An excited guest aboard Kiva, a 1971 49′ Grand Banks Alaskan.

mv Archimedes PSGBOA rendezvous 4

Lunch time. Macaroni and crab. Yum.

mv Archimedes PSGBOA rendezvous 5

mv Archimedes PSGBOA rendezvous 6

A presentation on polishing from Marine Detail Specialists, one of the PSGBOA sponsors.

mv Archimedes Marine Detail Specialists

A presentation on new marine electronics from S3 Maritime, another PSGBOA sponsor. I did not stay for the whole thing. I’ve spent all the money I need to on electronics. At least for a little while.

mv Archimedes PSGBOA rendezvous prduct talk 1

Tucker West from Grand Banks took us out for a ride on this big 54′ Heritage EU. What a great boat. Want to buy it, here’s the link.

mv Archimedes PSGBOA rendezvous Grand Banks 54 1

Now I know what it feels like to burn 70 gallons of fuel an hour. I don’t know exactly how fast we were going, but the engine displays both showed fuel consumption at 35 gallons an hour. I am used to closer to ten percent of that. And a much slower cruise speed.

mv Archimedes PSGBOA rendezvous Grand Banks Heritage 54 2

More to come …

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