Jones Island to Roche Harbor

A still, calm, quiet morning at Jones Island. Just these three boats at the dock and us on a buoy.

OK. four posts in a day. I have come to the realization that I am a bad blogger. I should do a better job of keeping things up to date.

mv Archimedes Jones Island 1

It’s a short 6.5 miles or so from Jones Island to Roche Harbor. We were not in much of a hurry to get there so we spent the morning cleaning the boat up a bit. I washed the decks down and cleaned the outsides of the windows. We straightened up a bit inside as well. We headed for Roche Harbor about 1:00.

A Grand Banks 32 on the way to Roche Harbor. All in all, there was another 42, a 36, and a 32 all in the same area with the same destination.

mv Archimedes Grand Banks 32 on the way to the Rendezvous

Oddly enough, we have been in Roche Harbor twice with this boat. And both times we are in the exact same slip. Starboard tie, #28. I’d say something like “what are the odds of that?”, but apparently, the odds are pretty good.

mv Archimedes Grand Banks Rendezvous 1

A number of boats arrived a day early thanks to the free night deal.

mv Archimedes Grand Banks Rendezvous 2 mv Archimedes Grand Banks Rendezvous 3

We went to a short BYOB event in the evening. The Rendezvous doesn’t officially start until Thursday. 70% of the boats attending the Rendezvous took advantage of the free Wednesday night moorage.

And here is A Legacy of Boating. A recent video from Discover Boating.  Shot in the San Juan Islands aboard a Grand Banks 32.

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