Prevost to Deer Harbor to Jones Island

The day started out pretty nice at Prevost Harbor. Almost no one around. Still and quiet. Cindy was leaving us so we needed to get to Deer Harbor in time for her flight back to Seattle. We left about 9:00.

mv Archimedes Prevost Harbor morning

We motored over to Deer Harbor. We arrived a bit earlier than I expected. We ended up with about 40 minutes to wait for the plane. They were kind enough to let us use a slip for an hour or so. The marina was not busy. In fact, if it weren’t for us, nothing much would have been going on at all. Kim and I had Corn Dogs for a snack. Cindy had something with chicken and fries.

mv Archimedes Kim and Cindy in Deer Harbor

mv Archimedes in Deer Harbor

Time to head over to the float plane dock. The Kenmore plane is on the way. Cindy is sad. She does not want to leave.

mv Archimedes Cindy is departing

I think Cindy was the only passenger for the flight back to Seattle. She was the only passenger on the plane when it left. Maybe they stopped along the way and picked up someone else. She has never been on a float plane before. I’ll bet she liked the flight.

mv Archimedes Cindy on a Kenmore Air flight

After Cindy’s departure, we motored back over to Jones Island. We’ve not been there before. Ultimately, our goal is to be at Roche Harbor Wednesday afternoon for the Puget Sound Grand Banks Owners Association Annual Rendezvous. We saw Eagle’s Gig and Spellbound at the dock at Jones Island.

We grabbed a mooring buoy just in time for a late lunch.

mv Archimedes at Jones Island 1

There we are, off in the distance. I had to go ashore and pay for the buoy.

mv Archimedes at Jones Island 2

Byron and Sue aboard Eagle’s Gig headed for Roche Harbor.

mv Archimedes Eagle's Gig at Deer Harbor

We had more Salmon for dinner. Apparently, I over bought. I do that. But it was great again. Kim’s Salmon recipe is really good. It’s got some pepper jelly and some other swell stuff in it. She should post it. Hint. Here’s a rare photo.

mv Archimedes Kims Salmon

And finally, we weren’t mostly or completely¬†alone. There were two sailboats and a Nordic Tug at the dock overnight. We were the only boat¬†on a mooring buoy.

Tomorrow we are off to Roche Harbor. The Rendezvous officially starts on Thursday, but Roche Harbor is giving everyone who shows up Wednesday evening a free night. Sweet! Thanks Roche Harbor.

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