Roche Harbor to Seattle

The only casualty this trip was this water pump. I touched it and it broke at one of the connections. It was probably not my fault.

mv Archimedes pump repair 1

It looks like the pump had broken and was glued at some point in the past. I don’t know what the pump is for. It pumps fresh water from somewhere (the red hose) to somewhere else. While it was disconnected, we could find nothing that did not work properly. When I replaced it with a shiny new pump, again we could find no difference. I’ll have to trace the hoses and see where they go when I have time.

We left Roche Harbor early the following morning and headed for Port Townsend. The weather was great and the seas flat. There were just a couple of boats off in the distance when we crossed the strait.

I was casually sitting at the helm. It was 0913. No one else around when I caught sight of something shiny in my peripheral vision. Off to my right about 30 feet was a big US Customs and Border Patrol boat. I didn’t know they could go as slow as we do. With four 300 hp engines, I expect they idle faster than our top speed. I stepped outside and they asked me a few questions, wished me a good day, then disappeared like a fighter jet off in the direction we had come. After all, it’s not like they are paying for the fuel.┬áThis photo is from the CBP website.


The tide was with us to Port Townsend and it was a great day to be on the boat.


We spent the night at Point Hudson Marina. Kim wandered around Port Townsend. I walked to West Marine looking for a part to fix the pump, then to the hardware store, then back to the boat. No luck on the part, but good exercise.


The tide was not with us to Seattle. We saw a top speed to 5.1 knots and a low of 3.8 knots though the Port Townsend Canal.


Passing Point No Point.


And back through the locks. They were waiting for us with one other boat in the lock. Easy in and out.


Vava II is a big boat. She is on Lake Union for the time being.


That’s the end of a fun week on the boat. We are back to maintenance and projects shortly. There is some painting that I’ve been putting off and a couple of new gizmos to install …

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