Seattle to Spencer Spit

I had an idea that I would more or less live blog the trip north to the San Juan Islands. Look! Passing Point No Point and so on. Instead I did nothing. That was five days ago now and I am just getting around to posting something. It’s probably good that I didn’t blog along the way. At eight knots it would not have made for exciting reading.

We left Seattle early Sunday morning and headed north on the outgoing tide. It was wet when we went through the locks.

mv Archimedes out through the locks

Something was going on with this submarine at Indian Island. I couldn’t really tell what they were craning in and out. This is the first time we have seen a submarine there.

mv Archimedes submarine at Indian Island

We always put our guests to work right away. I think it helps them feel more at home on the boat. And some work gets done. Cindy was tasked with cleaning the windows outside.

mv Archimedes Cindy cleaning the windows

We were the only boat around at Spencer Spit. No rain despite the threatening clouds. We had a nice walk around the beach.

mv Archimedes Spencer Spit 1

Cindy took the dinghy for a tour of the area.

mv Archimedes Cindy in the dinghy

A calm, quiet, lonely morning at Spencer Spit. We are off to Stuart Island next.

mv Archimedes calm morning at Spencer Spit

Kim produced a fantastic Salmon dinner. My contribution was visiting Pike Market for some super Alaskan King Salmon from the Pure Food Fish Market. Kim did the rest.

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