Poulsbo for Flag Day

We motored over to Poulsbo on Friday and spent most of Saturday there. We anchored outside the marina. While the weather wasn’t wonderful, it was pleasant enough. Very little wind left us with calm flat water. Everything was still and quiet … and gray and overcast, but still pleasant. Saturday was Flag Day*.

We passed the largest vessel we have ever encountered in Liberty Bay on the way to the marina. American Cruise Line’s American Spirit was anchored in the deeper part of the bay and busy ferrying passengers to waiting buses on shore.

mv Archimedes cruise ship in Poulsbo 1

There were about ten boats anchored just outside the Poulsbo Marina. Most of the anchored sailboats appeared unoccupied. None displayed an anchor light Friday night.

mv Archimedes in Liberty Bay

A minus 3.2 tide around noon left us in shallow water for a while. You can see we are in 4.2 feet of water. We draw 4.5 feet so it was pretty close.

mv Archimedes low tide in Liberty Bay

This guy took advantage of the low tide to do some bottom work.

mv Archimedes low tide bottom work in Poulsbo

The tide is out. Seven hours later, at high tide, water was lapping at the grass in the upper  right of this photo. That’s quite a swing. I should have thought to get a photo of that for comparison.

mv Archimedes low tide at Poulsbo

Saturday was also National Marina Day. The Poulsbo marina had some booths, trout fishing and entertainment for the kids, and live music at the top of the dock. It seems wrong to have anchored out on National Marina Day. The marina was about a third full. We expected a larger crowd.

mv Archimedes National Marina Day at Poulsbo 4

mv Archimedes National Marina Day at Poulsbo 3

I picked up a free pump out adapter from the Agate Pass Sail and Power Squadron folks manning their booth. I am not sure the threaded adapter is in any way easier than what we do now, but we will give it a test drive and see how it works.

mv Archimedes National Marina Day at Poulsbo 1

The trout “pond”. There were actually trout in there, but they were hard to see. The kids seemed to enjoy it though.

mv Archimedes National Marina Day at Poulsbo 2

We went in to town for lunch. After lunch, Kim stayed in town and I went back to the boat to work on a few projects. Flags were flying all over town in honor of Flag Day.

mv Archimedes flag day in Poulsbo 1

Kim returned just in time to help me re-install the navigation light boards. I needed three hands to reconnect the wiring for the lights.

mv Archimedes nav light board install

mv Archimedes nav light boards installed

To my surprise, both lights worked when I was done.

I installed a light in the aft hanging locker. Too bad it was red. It sure looked like a white one before I powered it up. Oh well. I’ll change it shortly. I am sure I still have a white spare somewhere. I used a Lunasea light bar. The same LED lights we used in all the interior light fixtures. Here’s the post about that.

mv Archimedes closet light installed

Saturday evening we repositioned to Port Madison. We had to be back in Seattle early so we could get to a Father’s day brunch with Kim’s parents. Port Madison was still and quiet. Very nice. We were the only boat anchored overnight. There were a few boats when we arrived, but we must have scared everyone away. Morning remained still and calm. It’s almost a shame to disturb the quiet. It wouldn’t be the first time. We were on our way at 0600.

mv Archimedes Port Madison morning

The locks were waiting for us when we got there. Straight in and up.

I completed my little power meter project. I bought a watt meter from ebay. It shows voltage, watts consumed, cycles, and amps consumed. It is rated at 100 amps, but supports 40-45 continuous amps. You can find a variety of these things on line in various forms from ebay and Amazon and other sources. Prices range from about $13 to as much as $60. They all look like they are basically the same thing. I opted for the lower end of the price spectrum.

mv Archimedes power tester

My only complaint is that the wires are pretty darn short. It’s tough to do something useful with two inches of wire. I opted to attach it to some scrap board (which I painted to look decent) and secured the wires to a couple of screw terminals. That should work.

* We didn’t go just for Flag Day, it just happened to be Flag Day. Also my birthday. I remember I was very disappointed when I was about seven or so to learn all the flags weren’t for me and my birthday.

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