An introduction to Seattle boating

Johnny and Robin, friends from California are looking for a boat to buy. We thought it would be nice to invite them up for a long weekend and show them how just how fantastic boating around Seattle can be.

Johnny and Robin have chartered in both the San Juan and Gulf Islands. Their last adventure was aboard a Nordic Tug 42. So they are familiar with Northwest boating. We wanted to show them some of the sites, how we use our boat, and just generally have a great time on the water.

mv Archimedes Johnny and Robin in the dinghy

Our favorite three day trip is a great way so show folks the possibilities. Out through the locks, anchor out overnight at Blake Island, then over to Poulsbo for the second night, then back to Seattle. It’s a bit of a quick trip, but we think it’s a nice spectrum of what the area has to offer close to Seattle.

The weather was fantastic this weekend. It’s always a bit of a crapshoot, but we’ve been quite lucky when folks come to visit. We were up early and out through the locks around 0700. The wait for the small lock was about five minutes. There was one other boat in the lock with us.

mv Archimedes out through the locks

After a whirl around Elliot Bay and downtown Seattle we headed off to the Blake Island. We took a mooring buoy on the west side of Blake Island. The first order of business was to drop a couple of crab traps. We have two Flex Fold traps. We’ve used them a couple times now. They seem to be nice traps and stow neatly folded up in their own carry bags. That is handy. We are running out of places to stow stuff.

We motored the inflatable over to shallow water in Yukon Harbor and dropped the two traps in 50-60 feet of water. Then it was back to the boat for some kayaking and lunch.

mv Archimedes at Blake Island

We checked the traps a few hours later and lo and behold there was actually something in one. One red rock crab and one female Dungeness crab. Both went back home to the bottom of the ocean.

mv Archimedes crab catch

There was still some bait left so we moved the traps back near the boat and went back to relaxing. This time we had a little flounder in each trap. So crab for dinner was not to be. Good thing Kim wouldn’t let me use the chicken in the fridge for bait or dinner would have been vegetarian.

Here’s Johnny taking pictures of the view of Seattle. I think he liked the kayaks.

mv Archimedes Johnny taking a photo of Seattle

It was a very nice sunset at Blake Island.

mv Archimedes sunset at Blake Island

In the morning we were off to Poulsbo. We motored up Rich Passage and Port Orchard dodging crab floats.

In Poulsbo, we had a reservation for slip F1. A nice slip right at the head of F dock with a nice view of the park.

mv Archimedes Poulsbo F1

Lunch, shopping, and more eating was on the agenda. Mexican for lunch, Italian for dinner. Kim and Robin wandered around town most of the afternoon, Johnny  relaxed on the boat. I took a nap.

It was another early morning Sunday. We departed Poulsbo at 0600 Sunday morning and headed back to Seattle.

The sun had just risen as we headed for Agate Passage.

mv Archimedes motoring toward Agate Passage

We swung through Port Madison and waved at John Henson on Po-Po, their Grand Banks 47. John is the current president of the Puget Sound Grand Banks Association. They were at the Seattle Yacht Club outstation. I don’t think they recognized us.

We crossed the sound with flat seas and little traffic. After a short wait, we were in the locks with three other boats.

mv Archimedes waiting for the lock

mv Archimedes Kim Johnny and Robin

Then it was back to Lake Union. We lounged around the boat for most of the afternoon, ate a bit more (Kim always buys a ton of food), and watched the Blue Angels. It was a great weekend.

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