We’ve been published!

Readers of this blog are likely painfully aware that I am not a wordsmith. Some folks can make words dance on a page. They spin an eloquent yarn that has the ability to hypnotize the reader. That’s not me. I can, however, given enough time and luck, make a decent photograph. That’s the limit of my talent.

So I was surprised when the editor of Sea Magazine contacted us about doing an article for their magazine. He had found us through our little blog.

mvArchimedes Sea Magazine 1-2

Mike Werling, editor of Sea Magazine, and I exchanged a few emails, Kim and I wrote up the article, and we provided a few photos. After a bit of back and forth, this is the result. Six pages. The April 2015 issue. I think it turned out great! And we are even the “feature” story. That’s even better. Thanks Mike. Click here to read the article online.

mvArchimedes Sea Magazine 3-4 mvArchimedes Sea Magazine 5-6

Here’s a link to the online version of the story.

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