Port Madison

Port Madison was our destination last weekend. Another short overnight trip. And the weather was fantastic once again.

This was the weekend of the annual Puget Sound Grand Banks Owner’s Association’s annual rendezvous in Roche Harbor. We would have liked to attend, but I was supposed to be moving a data center this weekend so could not. Now that’s been moved back a couple weeks so we went out on the boat anyway.

mv Archimedes motoring toward Agate Passage

It is so peaceful and quiet here. There are an ever increasing number of mooring buoys in Port Madison. It’s getting hard to find a place to anchor. I find it hard to believe they are all legal. As is often the case … maybe there is something I don’t know.

mv Archimedes anchored in Port Madison

I think we found our next boat. 🙂 Time to buy a lottery ticket.

mv Archimedes Big Nordhavn

Kim and I spent a good part of Saturday afternoon pedaling around Port Madison in our nifty Hobie kayaks. Toward evening the water went flat like glass. Perfect. Pedaling is the only way to go!

mv Archimedes Kim Kayaking

Early Sunday morning, we pulled up the anchor and pointed the boat for home. We were back at Liberty Bay Marina by 7:15.

mv Archimedes motoring at Sunrise

I am looking forward to spending more time on the boat. Unfortunately, my current work schedule precludes anything more than short trips like this on weekends.

For those that have suffered through this post to this point, actually interesting content may appear on this site in the near future

… and … I keep trying to get Kim to write more. She is more interesting than I am.

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  1. We missed you guys at the Rendezvous! See you next year! (and at least you got out boating…even if it wasn’t to the ‘Vous!)

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