Spring Haul Out

I got an early start Friday morning. Left the dock at 6:00AM headed over to Seaview West at Shilshole. It’s time to haul out, clean and paint the bottom, check the zincs, and take care of a few other little odds and ends.

It was a fantastic morning for boating. Here is a photo coming out of Agate Passage.

mv Archimedes Sunset on the way to Seaview West Boatyard

At some point recently, the wind managed to break the plexiglass windscreen on the flybridge. You can sort of see it in the photo below. We are going to get that replaced and see about a stainless frame around the windscreen to prevent a repeat. Most newer Grand Banks seem to have this installed.

mv Archimedes Seaview West Boatyard haulout 1

It’s always a bit scary when the boat is up in the air.

mv Archimedes Seaview West Boatyard haulout 2

The bottom doesn’t look too bad. It’s been three years since the last haul out. Two of those years we were in fresh water.

mv Archimedes Seaview West haul out bottom grunge

The Seaview guys went straight to pressure washing the bottom.

mv Archimedes Seaview West Boatyard haulout 3

The port shaft has a bit of a vibration. It’s been that way since a different boat yard replaced the cutlass bearings. They weren’t able or particularly helpful sorting it out. We ¬†won’t be going back there. With luck, we can sort that out while the boat is out of the water.

I zoomed back to Poulsbo in the inflatable. Calm seas. Beautiful morning. 40 minutes. 2.5 gallons of gas. Not bad.

We should have the boat back in a week or two. Then we can get serious about painting window trim, varnishing teak, and general spring maintenance.

2 thoughts on “Spring Haul Out

  1. I brought my old windscreens to TAP plastics. They made new duplicates for a very reasonable cost. They last several years so far. It is an issue of my canvas flybridge cover working on them in the wind and weather.

    Don Knipe
    GB 36 Reef Raider
    [email protected]

    • Hi Don. I think that’s what I will end up doing. The downside of living on the west side of the sound is that there’s not much that’s boating related on this side. The closest TAP Plastics is across the sound (at least for us) in Lynnwood. The windscreen we have now has lasted at least the five years we’ve had the boat. They had a crack or two when we got it and finally cracked completely on both sides.

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