Water Filtration Project – Part 1

While we can hold 250 gallons of fresh water, we generally purchase gallon jugs of water for drinking. This seems silly to me with all the water we have on board. So it’s time to put in some filtration so we can trust the water in the tanks.

As usual, my solution is probably over engineered. And of course, I waited until the boat was in the yard to start working on this project. Although I made a few drawings and took measurements, I can’t confirm some of the measurements and finish the project until I get the boat back and can test fit everything.

Here’s my plan …

mv Archimedes new water filters

I am going to install these two giant filter housings in the fresh water line right after the pump. These housings hold 10″ x 4.5″ filters. They have 1″ NPT connections. The first housing will hold a 5 micron sediment filter. The second will hold a 5 micron carbon filter.

The filter housings are from Amazon. The bronze fittings came from Fisheries Supply.

The filters will go on a new frame I am building. They will sit behind where the expansion tank currently lives. The expansion tank and pump will move around a bit to accommodate everything and simplify the plumbing.

mv Archimedes existing water lines

Here’s the start of the new frame for all of this. It’s lying on its back. Once I confirm the size and test the fit, I’ll seal the wood with a few coats of epoxy and paint it with bilge paint.

mv Archimedes new water filter frame

I am not entirely sure I am using the right materials for the water lines. I tried to find brass fittings, but I couldn’t find the parts I needed in the right sizes that are lead free and safe to use with drinking water. I couldn’t find plastic fittings that would work either. I went with bronze since those were the right size, are all over the boat now, and didn’t show they were not safe for drinking water. Maybe I’ll find more info before I finish that will change what we end up with.

More to come …

5 thoughts on “Water Filtration Project – Part 1

  1. Hi Rusty- Just found your blog after responding to your inquiry on the synchronizer. Pretty neat!
    FWIW; I have also installed H2O filters on 2 42’s and our current 46EU. I used regular 10″x 2-3/4″ cartridge housings after a Groco PAR Junior or Senior water pump. However, I use a 10 Micron prefilter for the junk and then an Absolute 1 micron final filter and have had no problem with drop in pressure or flow. The 1 micron is because where we go we run the risks of crypto and/or giardia. From my days in the filtration business, I am aware that one needs 3 micron or below to get those critters. Both cartridges need changing twice per year, minimum, 3 times at most. And they do show that they are doing the job.
    Your installation looks truly professional in all kinds of weather! Very impressive. You will likely see long run times with those larger filters!

    • Thanks! That’s good information. I was hesitant to install finer filters due to potentially diminished throughput. I’ll install a smaller filter and see how that works. No sense filtering and not filtering finely enough if we can.

  2. Hi Rusty,

    I’m curious how your final install will work out. I added I believe the same exact filter to my sailboat Grace about 6 months ago, and had similar questions/challenges about piping and fittings.

    After figuring out the correct ones for my install, I’ve got things working, but my water pressure has suffered significantly at one of my distant faucets. I suspect my pump might be under powered, but based on the specs and my design work beforehand, it shouldn’t have been.

    Have you done any investigation along those lines?

    • Hi Steve. I am struggling a bit with that too. I tried to find filters that don’t restrict the flow too much. Both filters are currently 5 microns. That seemed like a good compromise. Some I saw were .5 and dropped the water pressure significantly. The pump we have is 30 psi. That’s partially why I went with the larger filter housing. The filters have 1″ fittings and my water lines are more like 1/2″. In my twisted logic, it seemed like extra capacity in the filters would transfer to less loss at the faucets.

      I thought about increasing the pump size and water pressure, but the water lines are 38 years old and I don’t want to tempt fate too much.

      We’ll just have to see how it goes.

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