Water Filtration Project – Part 2

I built the beginnings of the new structure to hold the water filters last week. I modeled it based on the scribblings that pass for my notes. For some reason (entirely unclear to me now) I had written “18 inch height” on the notes. Between my feeble memory and the photos I have, I was sure there was more space available. I want to use as much space as is practical to insure there is adequate room to access and change the filters.

We popped over to Seaview West this past weekend to visit the boat and pick up and drop off a few things. I also wanted to verify some of the measurements in the engine room. I measured real good this time.

I based last weekend’s effort on my previous notes and measurements. Turns out I did have more room than I thought. So I made a new platform that takes advantage of the available space. I decided to call my first effort a “prototype.” Makes me feel better about doing it the second time.

Below are the old and new platforms. On the left side is the original (the “prototype”). The one on the right uses the new measurements. 24 inches tall rather than 18 inches. Same width. but a little deeper than the first one.

mv Archimedes filter mount proto and final

Our friend Bruce, who shows up from time to time on our blog, stopped by this weekend. I put him to work on the band saw and sander. His job was to cut the rounded corners and sand everything down. He did a Yeoman’s job.

mv Archimedes filter mount assembled

Having done this once before (the prototype), and with Bruce’s assistance, we were able to bang this out in about an hour and a half.

mv Archimedes filter mount with filters

The plan is to mount the filters at the top of the back board. The existing pump will relocate to the front of the small upright at the front. The existing accumulator tank will live in the middle. And the whole contraption will sit where the existing plumbing is now. Here’s a photo of the existing plumbing.

mv Archimedes existing water lines

… at least that’s how I think it will all work.

After some contemplation, I think I have simplified the parts necessary to connect it all up. I need to mate the new plumbing up to 3/4″ fittings on the existing plumbing. We are down to just these fittings.

mv Archimedes filter plumbing fittings.

Here is the list of parts so far:

From Amazon

From Fisheries Supply

This coming weekend it’s time for epoxy, paint, drilling, mounting, fixing mistakes, and more!

4 thoughts on “Water Filtration Project – Part 2

  1. I have the same system on my boat. I was told, however, that with these new variable water pumps, that the expansion tank is no longer necessary. Mine was old and in need of replacement, so I decided to discard it and try the system without the expansion tank. That was several years ago, and the water system works perfectly without the tank.

      • We have a constant pressure system, but left the accumulator in so we can shut down the pump and still have water at night or when we visit the boat for maintenance. Keeps down the noise and reduces wear on the pump. These pumps are sensitive to contaminated water and can wear quickly.

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