Water Filtration Project – Part 3

First, let me apologize. I’m not really trying to turn this project into an epic event. If I’d done this when I had access to the boat, it would have taken half as long. Additionally, time to work on it is limited to weekends. And … we need to get the boat back next weekend so I can wrap this project up.  We are headed for a week in the San Juan Islands soon. With that said, here’s the progress I made this weekend.

This is where I ended up.

mv Archimedes filter housings mounted and plumbed 1

And here is how I got there …

After two coats of CPES the platform is sanded and ready to paint. I drilled mounting holes for the brackets and saturated them with CPES also. I even used a forstner bit to cut out countersinks on the back for the washers. Very fancy.

mv Archimedes filter platform CPES sanded front

I was suddenly tempted to just add a few additional coats of CPES and leave the plywood showing. That might have looked nice. But I think the bilge paint will protect better than the CPES on its own.

Three coats of BilgeKote later, it’s white. I had a difficult time getting the paint on nicely. In fact, I didn’t. There are runs and dribbles here and there. Don’t look closely. Instead of using a disposable brush, I should have thinned and sprayed it — or at least thinned it. Lesson learned.

mv Archimedes filter platform painted

The Pentek filter housings have four large screw holes on top. They do not go all the way through, nor are they threaded. No information is provided with the housing as to what size and type of screw should be used. The mounting brackets lack that wisdom as well. That’s strange to me.

mv Archimedes filter housing screw holes

The answer can be found in the reviews section on the Amazon page for the filters. Several reviewers refer to 5/16″ x 1 1/4″ as the right size for the lag bolts. That was the consensus so that’s what I went looking for. I was unable to find that length at either Home Depot or Lowe’s. Choices at both were limited to 1″ or 1 1/2″ length. I measured the depth of the screw holes at 1 3/8″. I am using a flat washer and a lock washer on each bolt. Combined with the thickness of the mounting bracket, there is just enough room for the 1 1/2″ bolt. I added the lock washer just to help make space for that bolt length.

The bolts for the backboard are 3/8″ (also gleaned from the Amazon reviews). I used 1 1/2″ long bolts there also. I added a flat washer on the front and both flat and lock washers on the rear.

mv Archimedes filter housing brackets installed 1

Now we come to the end of what I can do until we get the boat back. The new filter housings are mounted, plumbed, and ready to go. I cleaned up most of my mess and didn’t make too many mistakes.

mv Archimedes filter housings mounted and plumbed 1

Next week, the exciting conclusion. I need to get the accumulator tank and pump mounted on the platform. I need to run the new water hose between all the gizmos and connect it all up. I’ll bring the tank and the pump home to mount them to the platform. I’ll also get all the hose runs cut and connected. Then it should be a simple trip to the boat to mount the platform, connect the plumbing to the existing boat lines, and hook up the pump. I’ll keep my fingers crossed on the “simple” part.

We are headed to the San Juan Islands the following weekend for the entire week! The first half of the week, we’ll be doodling around the islands, the second half, we’ll be at Roche Harbor for the Pacific Northwest Grand Banks Rendezvous.

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