Back from the boat yard

We are finally back from the boat yard. Well …. at the time of this writing, we are on the boat in the San Juan islands. But we can all pretend that we just got back from the yard. It all happened pretty fast.

I left the marina in the dinghy Saturday morning at 5:55. The weather was good and the water was flat and calm. I zoomed over to Shilshole in about 45 minutes. The boat was in the water waiting and the bill was paid (ouch!). I hopped on, hoisted the dinghy, and headed for Poulsbo.

The dinghy sat in salt water for a month. We hadn’t really planned on that. The bottom was pretty grungy. It is amazing how fast sea creatures latch on and start growing.

mv Archimedes off to pick up the boat

Lots of baby barnacles that needed to go. They came off with just a bit of work.

mv Archimedes barancles on the bottom

This Matson container ship passed in front of me on the way back. I fell in to a huge wake behind it..

mv Archimedes headed back through Agate Passage from Seaview West

Approaching Agate Passage. A fantastic day!

mv Archimedes approaching Agate Passage

Ant that’s about it. We ran out of time to get the windscreen done. Roland at Seaview West said he would bring it up to the rendezvous with him if he gets it back in time.

The rest of the day was spent cleaning the boat, installing the new water filtration, and generally getting ready to go the first thing in the morning.

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