Friday at the Grand Banks Rendezvous

Friday started out (after coffee and doughnuts) with a talk by Bill Davis, the current PSGBOA president, about safety and dealing with emergencies afloat. A good subject and cause for thought. Kim and I think we are generally prepared, but we’ve not spent much time discussing and planning emergency procedures. That will soon change.

mv Archimedes Bill Davis talk at the Grand Banks rendezvous

We’ve all seen photos of the church at Roche Harbor. In fact, most people try to include it in their photos of the resort. We’ve never looked inside. It’s nice and simple. I imagine it is much as it was 100 years ago.

mv Archimedes Roche Harbor church interior

And here is the view of Roche Harbor from the steps of the church. You’ll note it’s another fantastic day. Let’s hope this weather holds ’til we get back to Poulsbo Sunday evening.

mv Archimedes Grand Banks rendezvous from the Roche Harbor church steps

After lunch we hung out with the sponsors. Northwest Explorations, Stan Miller Yachts, S3 Maritime, Ultra Marine West, Wells Fargo Insurance, Avalon Brightwork, West Coast Marine Diesel, . The generosity of these sponsors makes the rendezvous possible.

The Roche Harbor Post Office. Pretty small. In fact, you have to look quickly or you’ll pass right by it.

mv Archimedes Roche Harbor Post Office

Dinner Friday night was at the Duck Soup Inn. It was very good. Very good indeed.

The Duck Soup Inn is about halfway between Roche Harbor and Friday harbor. We used Bob’s Taxi to get there and back. I could see us walking to the restaurant — but not back from it.

mv Archimedes Duck Soup Inn

That’s about it for Friday. Saturday is the last day of the rendezvous. It ends with a nice dinner under the tent on the lawn at Roche Harbor. We are on our way home early Sunday morning.

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