More from the Grand Banks rendezvous

Another gorgeous morning in Roche Harbor. Americas Odyssey, a Grand Banks 49, is backing into the slip in the foreground. Funny that we should meet up with this boat. It was for sale in San Francisco for several years. Kim and I looked at it several times and seriously considered buying it at one point. It’s a beautiful boat.

mv Archimedes morning at the grand Banks rendezvous

Today the rendezvous started with coffee and doughnuts.

mv Archimedes Grand Banks rendezvous coffee and doughnuts

Kim attended talks by Mark Bunzell of Fine Edge Publishing on traveling to the Broughtons and what to do if the captain drops dead (we’ll just hope that doesn’t happen). I stayed on the boat for our annual Coast Guard Auxiliary safety inspection. We passed with no issues. I also had our fire extinguishers checked and re-certified. Both activities are an important annual part of the rendezvous.

mv Archimedes Mark Bunzell talk

After lunch, the Coast Guard (these guys are from Bellingham) came by to talk a little bit about what they do and let us tour their boat.

mv Archimedes Grand Banks rendezvous Coast Guard Talk 1

Later in the afternoon we had a dinghy stampede to the Westcott Bay Shellfish Company oyster farm. It’s a short dinghy trip around the corner to Westcott Bay. I’m not much of an oyster fan, but I always enjoy a good jaunt in the dinghy.

mv Archimedes Grand Banks rendezvous race for the oysters

Oysters growing up to be dinner.

mv Archimedes Westcott Bay Oyster Farm 1

mv Archimedes Westcott Bay Oyster Farm 2

mv Archimedes Grand Banks rendezvous Oyster excursion

In the evening, it was time for chili, beer, and line dancing. Yes, we danced. That’s all I am going to say about that.

mv Archimedes line dancing at the PSGBOA rendezvous

Another beautiful evening in Roche Harbor.

mv Archimedes Roche Harbor Restaurants

mv Archimedes Hotel De Haro

More excitement to come …

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