No joy this weekend

We did not get the boat back this weekend. I’ll admit I didn’t think this trip to the yard would end up taking a month. We’ve got to get it back next Saturday. We are planning to head north to the San Juan Islands Sunday morning. The Grand Banks Rendezvous starts Thursday at Roche Harbor.

I couldn’t work on the boat so we went kayaking. And fine kayaking weather it was indeed.

mv Archimedes kayaking Liberty Bay 2

I could sit and watch the world go by for hours on a beautiful Sunday morning like this.

mv Archimedes kayaking Liberty Bay 1

This is what Seaview been up to the last three weeks. The bottom is clean and painted. New zincs were installed. New house and start batteries have been installed. The start battery is an 8D, the house bank is six L16’s. Just over 1300 amp hours. Very nice.

One of the items on the list for Seaview was to check a vibration in the port shaft. Turns out the shaft was not straight. In addition, it could not be straightened. So we have a new stainless steel shaft. They hit a snag when they were installing the new shaft. The couldn’t get shaft past the cutlass bearings. So we are getting new cutlass bearings on the port side also.

The last item on the list is a new windscreen for the flybridge. I don’t know how old the current one is, but it’s broken on both sides. It’s been cracked for some time, but finally gave way. Probably happened during one of the recent windstorms. The flybridge has a canvas cover. That puts some stress on the corners of the windscreen when the wind comes up. We were exploring a stainless frame to protect the windscreen. With the unforeseen expense of the shaft, and a lack of time, we’ll let that go for a little while.

So the water filter project will wrap up next weekend, after we get the boat back and before we leave. It would be nice if everything works out well — goes together easily, doesn’t leak, that kind of thing.

mv Archimedes water filter waiting for install

Since I couldn’t make any progress on boating projects, I made these poles for Kim’s bird feeders instead. Well actually, I made the one on the right this weekend. I made the other a few weekends ago. Cedar 4×4’s and copper plumbing pipe with a copper fence post cap to give it some class.

mv Archimedes backyard bird feeder 1 mv Archimedes backyard bird feeder 2

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