North to Jones Island

We have the boat back. And we have the water filters installed. And now it’s time to head north to the San Juan Islands. We are bound for the annual Puget Sound Grand Banks Owners Association rendezvous at Roche Harbor at the end of the week.

We got a late start from Poulsbo (too many things to do and not enough time) so we decided to head for Mystery Bay. We’ve never been there before and now seemed like a good time. Just across from Port Townsend, it’s a convenient place to stop for the night and get an early start across the strait the next morning. We grabbed a buoy at the Mystery Bay State Park. The sky looked ominous, but it was calm and gorgeous.

mv Archimedes on a buoy in Mystery Bay

Then the breeze came up and we bounced around a bit. No big deal. Kim whipped up a great salmon dinner. Not that the breeze had anything to do with Kim or dinner.

mv Archimedes Kims salmon dinner.

The next morning we were on our way early. The seas were calm and the crossing to the San Juans was beautiful. We went through Cattle Passage during peak outflow. Our normal speed was reduced to about three knots. Lots of swirling water and currents. It’s always fun when the boat makes radical tunes to the left and right as the currents change.

We motored up to Jones Island for the night. We are on the buoy farthest to the right. Jones Island is a beautiful place. It obviously gets a lot of use and can be very crowded. We’ve been lucky. It’s been uncrowded and quiet when we’ve been there.

mv Archimedes at Jones Island

We hiked around the island. There were four deer enjoying the grass at the campground. The park guys came through with a ride a mower and put a brief end to that.

mv Archimedes hike around Jones Island 2

mv Archimedes hike around Jones Island 1

mv Archimedes at Jones Island

Sunset at Jones Island.

mv Archimedes sunset at Jones Island

Sunrise at Jones Island.

mv Archimedes morning at Jones Island


We motored down to Friday Harbor for the afternoon. I cleaned the boat and Kim ran a few errands.

It is a beautiful morning in Friday Harbor. We are on our way to Roche Harbor shortly.

mv Archimedes Friday Harbor view

Ok. … I think I am all caught up now.








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