Roche Harbor for the rendezvous

Another beautiful morning. This one started in Friday Harbor. We took care of a couple errands, cleaned the boat a bit, and headed for Roche Harbor.

mv Archimedes Friday Harbor view

The Grand Banks rendezvous doesn’t officials start until Thursday, but Roche Harbor provides Wednesday night free to the folks coming to the rendezvous. Apparently, most of us can’t pass up a free night.

mv Archimedes PSGBOA Rendezvous checkin

Roche Harbor is spectacular right now.

mv Archimedes Grand Banks Rendezvous at Roche Harbor 2

We had dinner outside at the Madrona Bar and Grill. Kim ordered up some onion rings for the “appetizer.” They were the largest onion rings we’ve ever seen. Two was our limit. The rest came back to the boat with us. The salmon tacos were very good. Very Good.

mv Archimedes Kim and her GIANT onion rings

Evening light on the Hotel De Haro.

mv Archimedes Roche Harbor Hotel De Haro

The sun sets on the Roche Harbor Marina.

mv Archimedes Grand Banks rendezvous at Roche Harbor

Over 50 of the boats destined for the rendezvous arrived on Wednesday.

mv Archimedes PSGBOA rendezvous at Roche Harbor 1

The rendezvous starts tomorrow morning. For us, it’s a Coast Guard Auxiliary safety inspection at 9:00. Kim is off to hear about traveling to the Broughtons. And she is also sitting in on a seminar called “What to do if the captain drops dead.” She sounded enthusiastic about it. Not sure what I think about that.

More to come …

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