The whining is over

As I mentioned in a previous post, we’ve had a horrible whine in the port shaft ever since Seaview West put the new shaft in. The whine starts about 1000 rpm, gets louder through our cruising speed of 1650 rpm, and disappears about 1900 rpm. At normal cruise the whine was so loud, we had to close the aft stateroom doors. There is nothing wrong with the work Seaview did, so the propeller is the likely┬ásuspect.

Saturday, we motored over to Seaview West to haul the boat and work on the prop. It was a beautiful day for boating. A bit breezy, but beautiful.

mv Archimedes headed for Seaview West at Shilshole

The tide was on the way out so we dashed through Agate Passage at 12-13 knots. That might be the fastest we’ve ever gone.

mv Archimedes shooting through Agate Pass

We hauled the boat and Roland went to work on the prop.

mv Archimedes hauled at Seaview West 2

He filed down the trailing edge of each of the four blades. Just enough to put a little angle on the edge. We dropped the boat in the water and headed for home. Right after we throttled up, the noise came back, but much quieter than on the trip over. I’d say the sound was about one third as loud as it was previously. We called Roland and turned back to Seaview. We hauled the boat again and Roland worked on the prop a bit more.

(If I was better at this and thought ahead a little bit, I would have some action photos of Roland working his magic here. Instead, we wandered down to West Marine and bought some hypalon cleaner and a couple bolts for the dinghy. The work was done when we got back.)

mv Archimedes hauled at Seaview West 1

After the boat was back in the water again, we headed out for another test. This time I was pleased to report that all was quiet and the whine was gone. Fantastic! So back to Poulsbo we went.

Seaview had new plexiglass made for the windscreen. We picked it up when we were there. When we got back to Poulsbo, I took advantage of the fine weather and tackled a few small projects. First was to install the new windscreen plexiglass. I test fit the three pieces and it all looked good.

mv Archimedes test fitting new windscreen

Here’s the new windscreen installed and ready to go.

mv Archimedes new windscreen on flybridge

The starboard door has had a small crack near the door handle since last fall. I don’t know what caused it, but the fine weather over the weekend seemed like a good time to fix it. I taped along the edge of the crack as closely as I could. I wanted to prevent the glue from mucking up too much of the finished area. I filled as much of the crack as I could with gelled cyanoacrylate and clamped it up. I read an article in a recent Fine Woodworking magazine that talked about how well cyanoacrylate glues work on wood so I thought I would give it a try.

mv Archimedes repairing door skin crack

A few hours later I removed the clamps and tape. That should prevent the crack from getting worse and keep moisture out. Sanding and refinishing the area will be a project for another weekend in the near future. There is a lot of painting to do on the boat.

The last project for the day was to glue a few breaker labels back on the panel. Over time, a few of the labels have come off. I collected them in a little baggie.

mv Archimedes breaker labels fallen off

Using some of the gelled cyanoacrylate glue, I returned the labels to their proper home and taped them in place while the glue Archimedes breaker labels glued on

The gelled glue worked very well. Cyanoacrylate glue (super glue) is very thin and runny. The gelled glue stayed where I put it, filled gaps well on uneven surfaces, and so far everything I glued has stayed stuck.

More work next weekend …

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