Headed to Sidney for brightwork work

We left Poulsbo early last Friday morning headed for Sidney, BC. Our destination was Avalon Brightwork in Sidney. It’s time for a little brightwork TLC on our old boat. The weather was great for the beginning of our trip. Winds were calm, sunrise was pretty, and the tide was ebbing in our favor most of the way north. A nice day to be on the boat.

Avalon Brightwork will have the boat for a month or so. While it is there, West Coast Marine Diesel will service the engines.

Taking the boat to Canada for this work is purely an economic choice. The labor rate is almost half that of Seattle. Combine that with a strong US dollar, and that drops the rate even more. Most of the “work” in brightwork is labor. It is all taping, removing varnish, sanding, and varnishing. All of this adds up to savings for us. We get a lot more varnish for our money in Canada. Avalon Brightwork is also one of the sponsors of the Puget Sound Grand Banks Association. I always try to support the sponsors when I can.

Once again, I enlisted Bruce’s assistance for the trip. It didn’t take too much to convince him to come along..

Nothing much to report until we got past Cape Foulweather. We found a couple gray whales. They were in our path so we stopped and watched for a while. One whale came up about 50 feet behind our boat.

With a favorable tide behind us, we shot through the Port Townsend canal, briefly hitting a ground speed of 12 knots!

Seas were calm crossing the strait. We motored up the west side of San Juan Island, headed for Roche Harbor.

A pod of Dall’s Porpoise’s found us just south of Lime Kiln park. They swam at the bow for a few minutes and disappeared. We were the only boat around so they must have been desperate. I don’t think we go fast enough for them.

We anchored just off the Roche Harbor marina Friday night. There was just us and a sailboat anchored in the entire bay.

After breakfast at the cafe in Roche Harbor, we pulled up the anchor and headed for Sidney and the customs dock at the Port of Sidney marina.

Don from Avalon Brightwork, and Cam from Western Marine Diesel were waiting for us at the Customs dock. After we tied up, I grabbed the paperwork and called customs. With clearance number in hand, Don and Cam hopped onboard and we headed north to the Canoe Cove marina.

After dodging rocks, shoals, and small islands, our journey ended in a boathouse at the Canoe Cove marina just north of Sidney. Here we are inside the boathouse. We need a boathouse. This is nice.

We fit real nice in this boathouse. Odd that there are no cleats on the dock.

There were a fair number of rocks and narrow channels on the way to the boathouse. We will be there for about a month.

Don, Cam, and I talked for a while about the work I wanted to get done. Cam is going to service the engines, change the oil, filters, adjust, etc. Don is going to do as much work on the teak as I can afford. Afterward, we got a ride down to the Inner Harbor in Victoria. We had reservations for the 4:00 sailing of the Coho to Port Angeles.

The Inner Harbour isn’t exactly a boating destination this time of year. Looks like most of these boats are here for the winter. We wandered around for a while, had lunch, and waited for the ferry.

Here comes the Coho.

Aboard the Coho.

We are leaving Victoria, bound for Port Angeles, an hour and a half away.

Kim was waiting for us at the dock in Port Angeles. It was just over an hour’s drive back  home. We will reverse the trip to go get the boat in thirty days or so. Boating weather is fast approaching. This year we will be ready for it.

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  1. Thank you for another great post. Looking forward to seeing you in Roche Harbor for the rendezvous.
    Don Knipe
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