Brightwork – The trip home

We caught the early Coho ferry from Port Angeles to Victoria and a cab to Canoe Cove to pickup the boat. We met Don at the boathouse, fired up the boat and headed to Customs at Roche. Our plan was to get across the strait that night. The wait for Customs took a while. Quite a while. An hour. There was a just one sailboat ahead of us. While we waited, we had a nice chat with the gentleman from the sailboat. His name is Björn. Together with his wife (who was talking to Customs), they have been sailing their boat, Moon, around the world for the last fifteen years. After Customs, we headed south in the hopes of crossing the strait before dark. We soon realized we wouldn’t have time for that so we diverted to Aleck Bay at the south end of Lopez Island.

We had not been there before. It was calm and quiet. We were the only boat there. It’s a nice place to spend the night. Kim likes it when I take her picture. You can see it here in her smile. So I post them when I can.

We pulled up anchor early the next morning and pointed south. The weather was fine except for the rain, the clouds, and the poor visibility. But the sea was flat and calm and no one else was out and about.

As luck would have it, the tide was against us all the way home. It was slow going, but the seas remained calm, and the weather improved a bit as we made our south.

That’s the end of our journey. I am working on a post about the entire experience. Was it worth the effort? Yes and no. More on that shortly.