Closing the Loop on a Few Recent Posts

Now that we are all caught up with what has been going on, I want to close the loop on a few recent posts …

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We installed trim tabs on our dinghy earlier this year. Since then, we’ve used it for short trips and a few longer cruises. Do I think it is an improvement? I don’t know. It is a nice stable ride and it planes easily. But, the trim tabs sort of turn a sporty car into a station wagon. And it is slower. We lose about 4 knots of speed. And I like speed in a dinghy.

We have an SE Sport 200 hydrofoil on the outboard. It came installed on the motor when we bought it. More about that is here. It is entirely possible that we should have one or the other but not both hydrofoil and trim tabs on the dinghy. We are headed out on vacation shortly. I will see if I can take the trim tabs off temporarily and see how the ride changes. I may put them back on. I may not.

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I built an elaborate water filtration gizmo a while back. I can report that it works great. There are two filters. All water coming from the tanks passes through the filters. The first is a 5 micron sediment filter. At install,  the second filter was a 5 micron carbon filter. When we changed the filters a few weeks ago, we changed to a .5 micron carbon filter. I’ll admit that these filters are overkill for what we need. We never have to worry about the quality of the water we are using, though.

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Our Deck Freezer never worked right. I thought I had it figured out, but I was wrong. I can get it to about 12-14 degrees when it is empty and in the garage. There just isn’t enough evaporator surface area to make it a proper freezer when it is full of food and in the sun up on the flybridge. I think I am going to give it to the folks at Sea Freeze in Bellingham this fall. They will add the necessary innards to make it a true freezer.

I think that is all the loose ends we had laying around. On to more exciting adventures.

2 thoughts on “Closing the Loop on a Few Recent Posts

  1. I read your post on the trim tabs on your dinghy. I installed the same ones a couple of years ago. I wanted to get the dinghy to plane with 2 people. (we are a bit under powered) I too was not 100% happy. They forced the bow down too far for a comfortable ride at full speed. I talked to Bennett about them and they suggested adjusting them to the outer setting. That did improve things but I ended up pinning them in the fixed position. They work fine now and the boat planes easily but they are fixed so I am not sure they work the way they were designed. Just thought I’d share.
    Mark McMaster

    • Hi Mark. I also moved the tabs to the outer setting. And I moved the seat forward about five inches. That seems to have helped the ride a bit. I can adjust the trim of the motor, so I can keep the bow up. I suspect my issue is due to the presence of both the tabs and the hydrofoil on the the outboard. Perhaps it should be one or the other. I will tinker with it in a week or two.

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