Port Door Done

I spent some quality time working on the starboard door a while ago. That post is here.

I took advantage of the good weather last weekend and got the port door done also. This door was quite a bit easier. Just a bit of sanding and spraying on the outside, and a quick wipe with polyurethane on the inside.

You can see hear that the exterior was in need of bit of freshening up.

I taped up the inside of the door to protect the finish and The tape also helps give a nice clean edge to the exterior paint.

When everything was taped up, I sprayed a coat of Interlux Pre-Kote primer.

Then I sprayed a coat of  Interlux Brightside Polyurethane Paint. White 4359. The same primer and paint we used on the other door and all the outside trim.

After that, I removed the tape and applied a coat of Minwax satin wipe on polyurethane. As I mentioned in the other post, I used it because I had it. I don’t know how well it will wear, but I do like the satin finish.

And the door is back on the boat. That was much easier than the other door.

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