Smokey Skies in the Gulf Islands

We spent two nights at Wallace Island and two nights in Montague. It’s been four days since we’ve seen the sun. Smoke from forest fires in the region covered the area. The weather has been nice, just no sun and blue sky. Maybe there were clouds from time to time, but we couldn’t see them.

Kim has been sick the entire trip. Flu or bronchitis. Lots of coughing and feeling poorly. She has been taking all the meds we can find for her.

Today we motored down to Sidney. It is time to do some grocery shopping, fill the water tanks, and find Kim some really strong cough medicine.

And the sky are clear once again. No more smoke.

We are here for one more night. Then we are off to somewhere. Dinner tonight is at Bistro Suisse, Kim’s favorite place to eat in Sidney. I hope she is feeling better by then!

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