A fix for flaky flares

My last post showed the sad state of the flares we had in our dinghy. Moisture took its toll.

We keep the most recent, expired set of flares in the dinghy. The newest non-expired, legal set are in the big boat (for any CG folks that might be reading). This time I got smart (I think) and vacuum packed the flares before I put them in the dinghy.

I think the flares inside the case will be fine. I don’t know how long vacuum packed case will last, though. There are a few sharp edges and pokey things inside the dinghy for that plastic to get hung up on.

I think the best choice for us is to keep the flares on the big boat and put them in the dinghy when we use the boat for longer excursions. No need for flares popping 100 yards to shore for the grocery store. Actually, I think I will put together a bag of stuff to take when we go exploring. That’s probably a good idea most others have already thought about. I catch on eventually.

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