For Sale: 300+ Feet of 3/4″ Samson Pro Set 3 Anchor Rode

We have just over 300 feet (310 feet I think) of 3/4″ Samson Pro Set 3 three strand anchor line for sale. I bought it intending to extend our anchor rode. Unfortunately, as is often the case, I bought the wrong thing. Should have gone for 5/8″ line as this is too big for our little windlass.

We’ve had this kicking around on the boat for about two years, but have never used it. Fisheries Supply sells this line for $1.76 a foot. This is about 310 feet. That’s $545 new. You can take it home today for just $250!

Repainting our chain markings

Our anchor rode is 300 feet of chain. 50 feet of three strand line and a chain splice connects the end of the chain to the boat. Every few years we need to refresh the length markings on the anchor chain. It’s easy, the markings are just spray paint.

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