We are home

After a month on the hard in Port Townsend, we are back home in Poulsbo. Bruce came up to enjoy the ride back with me. Even though we were just moving the boat back home, Friday was a perfect day on the water.

I did my best to align the engines and shafts when we changed the mounts last year. Turns out my efforts resulted in .033″ on the port side and .028″ on the starboard side. I guess I should feel good about that considering I had never done this before. But the people who know what they are doing were able to get those numbers down to .003″ on the port side and .002″ on the starboard side.

Below is our fancy new stainless steel prop shaft and coupler. Now it matches the shaft we had replaced a few years ago on the port side.

It was five hours from Point Hudson down to Poulsbo. The boat ran great. Nice and smooth. We are looking forward to a wonderful summer on the boat!

Look for a review of MY experience with¬†Sea Marine¬†shortly …

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