Easy Do Ahead Tarragon Chicken in Phyllo

For those of you who have been waiting breathlessly for the recipe Rusty referred to in the Third of July post, this is it!   I have to credit my mother for it, she was a phenomenal cook, and I’m sorry to say I inherited none of that.   But this recipe is so easy, even I can prepare it.

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3D Charts, Carved In Wood

You’ve probably seen them, they’re in a number of shops; multiple locales rendered in wood, behind glass. Rusty and I have always looked at them but never bought them. We didn’t have wall space, and couldn’t agree on which one to buy anyway. There’s one of Puget Sound, and of the San Juan Islands, and of the Salish Sea, and … well, how do you choose? They have lots of them, from all over the States, even the Caribbean.

The Puget Sound Chart

The Puget Sound Chart

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The Most Amazing Salmon Recipe EVER! (ask Rusty!)

Okay, maybe it’s not really THE most amazing salmon recipe ever, but it appears to go over well with every guest we’ve ever served it to.  And before another word, I want to be sure credit for the recipe goes to the original source, which is America’s Test Kitchen.   The recipe is published in their magazine.  I’ve abbreviated it somewhat for here, but in all, it’s their concept.

On with the recipe!   If you’re looking for an easy but amazingly flavorful way to prepare salmon while on board, look no further – excellent whether prepared by simply following the recipe or adding your own tweaks, this is almost infallible.   It’s quick, it’s easy, and for us it’s become a go-to recipe on water or land!

mv Archimedes Kim's great salmon recipe

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Women On Water at the Grand Banks Rendezvous

One thing notable about most couples who take to boating is that when it comes to docking (or generally navigating in tight quarters), you’re most likely to find the male at the helm.  Note that I didn’t say all, as we have encountered couples where this was not the case at all, it’s just that generally speaking, it’s the guy who takes the boat into the slip, and the gal who’s standing ready to tie up ashore.

Enter the WOW or Women On Water course offered at the Grand Banks Rendezvous, a very popular 2 hour course where women can, among other women and in a calm, stress-free environment, learn the simple steps for bringing a boat in to a dock.   Northwest Explorations graciously provided the Tyee, a 42′ Grand Banks, for the classes, and Byron Richards served as instructor for most if not all of the sessions.   The classes are so popular that they fill well in advance of the rendezvous with wait lists in case of openings.

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Otter Bay to Sidney

The RCMP boat Higgitt departed this morning. An interesting boat. They need more antennas.

Shortly thereafter, it was time for us to make the short hop over to Sidney.

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Princess Cove, Wallace Island

Fair warning. Today’s post is going to be kind of long. We spent a good portion of the day hiking from one end of the island to the other. Princess Cove to Chivers Point to Conover Cove to Panther Point and back to the boat.

Princess Cove is actually in roughly the middle of the island, along the southwest side, and it’s a beautiful place to anchor with stern tie.  There’s a dinghy dock for easy shore access,  and the island’s 200 acres are almost completely accessible by trail – all but roughly 11 acres that are private. Continue reading

Port Townsend to Montague Harbour

As usual, it was an early morning start, with Rusty at the helm and Kim still happily fast asleep.   Crossing the Strait was sunny with a little chop, not many other boats around.

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