Easy Do Ahead Tarragon Chicken in Phyllo

For those of you who have been waiting breathlessly for the recipe Rusty referred to in the Third of July post, this is it!   I have to credit my mother for it, she was a phenomenal cook, and I’m sorry to say I inherited none of that.   But this recipe is so easy, even I can prepare it.

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Gulf Islands – The first week

OK. I know this is a bit late. So let’s roll the wayback machine back a couple weeks and pretend this post is timely. We just returned from two weeks in the Gulf Islands. We had such a great time that I didn’t keep the blog updated while we were on our voyage.

I’ve known Bruce for over 45 years now. We met in elementary school. Despite this, he foolishly agreed to come along with us for a week in the Gulf Islands. I had envisioned a week of indentured servitude where we (he) would get a bit of work done around the boat. Kim, on the other hand, thought we should let him participate in the relaxation and fun. Sadly, she won. That was probably good for Bruce, but the projects are still undone.

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Fish Tacos!

Yum! Fish Tacos.

I was busy working on the windlass this past Saturday when I happened to notice the fish taco boat passing by. With it being close to lunchtime, and working on the windlass less than satisfying (it’s good and broken), the obvious choice was to hop in the inflatable and give chase.


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Chipotle Pork Loin and Three Chile Salsa Tacos

One of the events at the Grand Banks rendezvous was an appetizer potluck. Everyone was asked to bring a mexican themed “heavy” appetizer for about 20 people. As our contribution we chose a chipotle pork loin taco with a really nifty three chile salsa. The salsa has a deep rich smoky flavor with moderate heat. Yum. The whole thing is easy to make. Make it ahead of time and assemble it on the boat. But make up a batch of margaritas first!

Both recipes come from Rick Bayless cookbooks. I can’t remember which ones, though. Sorry. And they may not be entirely accurate reproductions. The pork can be used in multiple dishes. The salsa is great on pork and probably most everything else.

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Sausage Rolls!

I have no factual data regarding the popularity of sausage rolls in British Columbia. All I can say is that we see them in every grocery store we visit. A brief google search shows they appear to be popular in Britain. Perhaps that’s the link. What I can say is that they are tasty. Not haute cuisine by any means, but easy to make and eat on a boat.


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