Going to Canada for work on the boat – Was it worth it?

Wow! It has taken me way too long to get back to the blog and get this written. Apologies to anyone who may have been eagerly waiting for the final outcome. Too much work and other projects not related to boating have gotten in the way. And to be honest, sometimes I just loose the urge to blog for a little while. But it’s back. And I have a few projects to talk so it is time to get this done.

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The “Businesses We Like” list

mv Archimedes Businesses We Like ASooo … down the page a bit, on the right side of our little blog, you’ll notice a list of “Businesses We Like”. When we have work done on the boat and we are happy with the experience, we try hard to promote the folks that did the work, both through a blog post and a listing on our site. So far, we’ve had positive experiences and dealt with some great folks.

Just thought you would like to know.

Disclaimer: Everyone has different needs and expectations. Your mileage may vary. Oh! … and no one pays (I don’t think anyone actually would) to put their name on our site.

Update: Crocs boat shoes

Some time ago I posted about my new Crocs boat shoes. You can find the original post here. Since that time they have become my favorite shoes for land and sea. These are the shoes I wear on the boat. I like them enough that I bought a pair for home.

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Great iPad apps for boating

The iPad has become a part of everyday life for many. We have found all kinds of uses for ours. From work to reading, to movies, to boating.

On Archimedes we have numerous uses for our iPad. Our iPad has LTE so we can access the Internet wherever there is cell service. We mount it above the chartplotter using a RAM Suction Cup Mount and use it to keep an eye on the weather amongst other things.

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