Repainting our chain markings

Our anchor rode is 300 feet of chain. 50 feet of three strand line and a chain splice connects the end of the chain to the boat. Every few years we need to refresh the length markings on the anchor chain. It’s easy, the markings are just spray paint.

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Untangling anchor chain = fun!

What a way to spend a glorious weekend on the boat. The sun was shining, the weather was warm. Lake Union was full of boats. I was untangling anchor chain in the v-berth.

But, it needed to be done. We were in some big waves a couple of weekends ago. It appears the 300 feet of anchor chain lifted up in the locker, inverted, and fell back to earth tangled. It took me about an hour of fighting to sort it out and find the problem. And a bit longer to resolve it.

The culprit turned out to be the board in the photo below. It is meant as the floor of the chain locker. The weight of the chain seems to have broken the board and the whole mess fell down into the bottom of the locker. The board wedged in there and prevented the chain from moving.

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