Where have we been?

It’s been a while now since I posted here. I apologize to our faithful reader. There’s been a lot going on for us. We sold our house in Walnut Creek, CA, while we were on vacation in September, bought a house in Poulsbo, WA, and got all our stuff moved. It’s been an interesting and hectic few months.

This past weekend, we tied up one of the last loose ends. We moved the boat out of our slip on Lake Union and into its new home at the Liberty Bay Marina in Poulsbo. Now the boat is ten minutes away instead of a two hour flight from San Francisco. It’s great to be back in the Northwest!

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Gulf Islands – The first week

OK. I know this is a bit late. So let’s roll the wayback machine back a couple weeks and pretend this post is timely. We just returned from two weeks in the Gulf Islands. We had such a great time that I didn’t keep the blog updated while we were on our voyage.

I’ve known Bruce for over 45 years now. We met in elementary school. Despite this, he foolishly agreed to come along with us for a week in the Gulf Islands. I had envisioned a week of indentured servitude where we (he) would get a bit of work done around the boat. Kim, on the other hand, thought we should let him participate in the relaxation and fun. Sadly, she won. That was probably good for Bruce, but the projects are still undone.

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An introduction to Seattle boating

Johnny and Robin, friends from California are looking for a boat to buy. We thought it would be nice to invite them up for a long weekend and show them how just how fantastic boating around Seattle can be.

Johnny and Robin have chartered in both the San Juan and Gulf Islands. Their last adventure was aboard a Nordic Tug 42. So they are familiar with Northwest boating. We wanted to show them some of the sites, how we use our boat, and just generally have a great time on the water.

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Poulsbo for Flag Day

We motored over to Poulsbo on Friday and spent most of Saturday there. We anchored outside the marina. While the weather wasn’t wonderful, it was pleasant enough. Very little wind left us with calm flat water. Everything was still and quiet … and gray and overcast, but still pleasant. Saturday was Flag Day*.

We passed the largest vessel we have ever encountered in Liberty Bay on the way to the marina. American Cruise Line’s American Spirit was anchored in the deeper part of the bay and busy ferrying passengers to waiting buses on shore.

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Seattle to Spencer Spit

I had an idea that I would more or less live blog the trip north to the San Juan Islands. Look! Passing Point No Point and so on. Instead I did nothing. That was five days ago now and I am just getting around to posting something. It’s probably good that I didn’t blog along the way. At eight knots it would not have made for exciting reading.

We left Seattle early Sunday morning and headed north on the outgoing tide. It was wet when we went through the locks.

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A Windy Poulsbo Weekend

I am an optimist. At least I am when it come to spending time on the boat. So our plan was to motor over to Poulsbo for a nice, relaxing weekend. Kim likes Poulsbo. We would anchor out and watch the world as the boat gently swings on the hook. That wasn’t exactly how it worked out. We started out well, but the weather turned uncooperative.

After an easy trip through the locks Saturday morning, we pointed the bow toward Port Madison. The sky was a thin overcast. The seas were calm, almost no other boats in sight. All was good in the world.

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Headed for Poulsbo this Weekend

RKL_4672We are off to Poulsbo for the weekend Saturday morning. If you find yourself in the neighborhood, come by and say hi.

We are hauling out at Yachtfish Marine Monday morning for bottom paint and other minor work. Getting ready for spring! More on that later …