Are These Flares Still Good?

Spring is here. Now is a great time to check the condition of all your safety gear. Be sure to check the expiration dates on your flares. I think these are a little past their prime.

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Last Saturday evening, we were on the Sound headed back to the locks. Just outside Shilshole, I went out on deck and noticed a Coast Guard boat approaching on the port side. When I saw the blue lights, I knew their intention. Those are cool boats, by the way.

The conversation went something like this…

CG: “Good evening. When was the last time you were boarded by the Coast Guard?”

Me: “Never.”

CG: “Would you like to make this the first time?”

Me: “Sure.” (Is there another answer to that question?)

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Cindy and Noe

Cindy and Noe are friends from southern California. Not much experience with the Northwest and none with boats. They came up for a visit this past weekend and we took them out on the Sound for the day Saturday.

Fortunately for all, Seattle brought out some great weather for the weekend. The first sunshine in a long time. Sometimes we get lucky.

A beautiful start to the day

We left the slip on Lake Union headed for the locks shortly after 8:00 on Saturday morning. No other boats in sight. As we approached the locks, we could see the gates were closed. We prepared to tie up at the small lock waiting area. Just then the gates started to open and we got the green light. In we went. We were the only boat around so the gates were closing as we finished tying off. That’s service!

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