Port Door Done

I spent some quality time working on the starboard door a while ago. That post is here.

I took advantage of the good weather last weekend and got the port door done also. This door was quite a bit easier. Just a bit of sanding and spraying on the outside, and a quick wipe with polyurethane on the inside.

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Repairing the Starboard Door – Another Project Done

This is going to be a long post about an exciting subject. Fortunately, I included lots of photos so it shouldn’t be too painful.

The starboard door developed a crack in the wood right on the edge by the lock. It’s been this way for about a year. This was the first chance I’ve had to tackle the problem and fix it for good. At least I hope I fixed it for good. You can see in this photo near the lock that the paint was failing. I knew that I would have to take it all off and repaint the door. And of course, then I would have to strip and varnish the trim around the window. That’s why I had to wait until I had a few weekends available. It was not a hard project, but waiting between coats of CPES, primer, paint, and varnish meant it would take some time to complete.

Disclaimer: I try to do the best job I can when it comes to boat projects. I don’t always know what I am doing, though. Since that doesn’t stop me, consider my efforts suspect until validated by a competent authority.

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Home again, home again

We are back! Back in our slip. It has been a long two and a half months since we dropped her off at Native Brightworks for the varnish work.

We did not have Native Brightworks varnish all the teak. There is so much on this old boat that I am resigned to it being a never ending process. We had the cap rails and handrails varnished. We also had all the grab rails sanded. I think we are just going to let them go natural. There is so much labor in keeping those up. It would actually be less expensive to have all the grab rails replaced with stainless than it would be to keep the teak rails varnished. So natural they will be.

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Work Continues …

But the end is near (or at least nearer). With luck, this will be the last (or next to last) report before we get the boat back. Yea! Work on the doors continues on schedule at Thomas Marine Interiors. The new interior panels are on the doors. As you can see, this require many clamps. Mike is going to paint the outside panels and put in new glass as well.


Courtesy Mike Thomas, Thomas Marine Interiors

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Door Repair Update

Mike Thomas of Thomas Marine Interiors is hard at work on the door repair. He is trying to get the work done before Native Brightworks completes the brightwork. If he doesn’t, Archimedes has no doors. That would make it a bit drafty and hard to lock up the boat.

The interior surfaces of the doors were looking quite shabby. Weather, water, and time have left their mark. You can see some of the damage in this photo between the bottom corner of the window frame and the door latch.

GB door1

Courtesy Mike Thomas, Thomas Marine Interiors

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While She is in the Shop … Doors

A bit more in the nip and tuck department.

It makes sense to try and get as much done as we can while the boat is under Native Brightworks nice big cover. The interior faces of the cabin doors have suffered from exposure to the elements, wear, and time. Might as well go ahead and have them repaired.

Mike Thomas from Thomas Marine Interiors is going to whisk them away to his shop, work his magic, and bring back something shiny and nice. You may remember Mike from the exciting episode titled Restoring Our Teak Decks. The age of Archimedes combined with all the wood on the boat means there are lots of opportunities for Mike.


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