Kayaking Montague Harbour

Here’s a video I put together from our trip in the Gulf Islands this last September. We broke out the kayaks and took a spin around Montague Harbour on a fine, fine day.

Fair warning. This is not a great video. You may regret the 13+ minutes you spend here … if you sit through the whole thing. It’s shot entirely handheld on my iPhone. The horizons are crooked. It’s not particularly exciting. And I’m not much an editor.

But … the weather was so fantastic that day, and the water so amazingly calm. And it was such a spectacular trip around the harbor, and just so damn nice to be there. That’s why I posted it. 4:50-8:00 is probably the best part.

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Montague to … Montague

We spent the first night at Montague anchored on the north side of the park. I have never seen so many boats inside the harbor. I guess it was a combination of the holiday weekend and the great weather. We moved to a mooring buoy in the park for the second night.

We’ve been toying with the idea of getting kayaks for the boat. Something to toddle around in that is a bit more peaceful than the inflatable and outboard. We rented a couple of kayaks at the Montague marina and paddled around the bay for a couple of hours. It was fun. I was surprised a how tippy the kayaks were. Must be my high center of gravity.  Continue reading