EPIRB Update

Got the new EPIRB a week or so ago. I am happy that Kannad was kind enough to replace it, but a bit sad that they sent a different model. The new unit has a large spring out antenna and is deeper and wider than the old one. The previous unit was sleek and smaller. It won’t fit as nicely where the old one was. Not a big deal. An EPIRB that will work when you need it is.

mv Archimedes EPIRB replacement side by side 2

Kannad is Recalling Our EPIRB

We received an email from NOAA this morning notifying us that Kannad is recalling our SafeLink EPIRB.

The recalled models are:
K1202311 – EPIRB SafeLink Manual+ GPS
K1202367 – EPIRB SafeLink Auto GPSKannad

Kannad EPIRB

Here’s the link to more information, http://www.sfpo.se/UserFiles/CM003_SAFELINK_Recall_Safety_Not.pdf

If you have one, here is the link to the site to get yours replaced, http://www.safelinkepirbsupport.co.uk

The silver lining in this is we likely get a new EPIRB out of the deal.

Update 3.8.16: Our new EPIRB should arrive Thursday. The process has been painless. Filled out a web form and exchanged a couple emails. That’s it so far.

Gulf Islands – The first week

OK. I know this is a bit late. So let’s roll the wayback machine back a couple weeks and pretend this post is timely. We just returned from two weeks in the Gulf Islands. We had such a great time that I didn’t keep the blog updated while we were on our voyage.

I’ve known Bruce for over 45 years now. We met in elementary school. Despite this, he foolishly agreed to come along with us for a week in the Gulf Islands. I had envisioned a week of indentured servitude where we (he) would get a bit of work done around the boat. Kim, on the other hand, thought we should let him participate in the relaxation and fun. Sadly, she won. That was probably good for Bruce, but the projects are still undone.

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Ganges to Wallace Island

It’s a gray morning here at Wallace Island. Low clouds, not quite fog. We’ve been here two days now. For the most part, it’s been nice. Not great, but nice.

Like this photo from yesterday morning. This is better than nice.

mv Archimedes Wallace Island Sunrise 1

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Montague Harbour to Ganges

Fog was the word of the morning. Lots of it. We could barely see the boats two buoys away.

mv Archimedes foggy Montague Harbour morning 1

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Ganges to Wallace Island

We left Ganges behind us and headed for Wallace Island this morning. Glorious weather continues. Sun and warm is forecast through the weekend.

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We spent the entire day in Ganges. Groceries, laundry, dingying (is that a word?) about, and lounging around.

Sunrise from the flybridge. The fantastic weather is forecast to continue through the weekend.

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