Repainting our chain markings

Our anchor rode is 300 feet of chain. 50 feet of three strand line and a chain splice connects the end of the chain to the boat. Every few years we need to refresh the length markings on the anchor chain. It’s easy, the markings are just spray paint.

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Anchors Away

Anchors are a very personal choice. I don’t really know why, but the choice of an anchor seems to spur endless debate on the internet. Archimedes came equipped with a 45 lb. CQR. The first few times we anchored, getting a good set was more difficult than we expected, and were used to on our sailboat. Perhaps it was just me or not being used to the new boat. Anyway … I got the urge to do something different.

After some investigation, analysis, non-scientific research, and just because I thought it looked cool, we decided to get a 60 lb. Manson Supreme. I thought about the next size up, but was concerned about the ability of our windlass to lift a bigger anchor and all that chain.

Here are the old and new anchors side by side.

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