Spencer Spit to Montague Harbour

We’ve been out of Internet contact for a few days so I am trying to get all the posts caught up.

A few morning sprinkles and a nice rainbow as sunrise greeted us.

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Gulf Islands – Observations and Errata

We just finished two weeks in the Gulf Islands of British Columbia. We’ve been going there for a number of years. We try to visit old favorites and make some new discoveries each time we visit. This year, the weather was fantastic. Some years are sunny, some are wet, some a combination (this is most common). We had sun, warm, and flat seas almost the entire time. It clouded up one afternoon, rained in the evening and through the night, and was clear and sunny the next morning. Perfect!

This is what boating is about.

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Picking up a mooring buoy

As the boats arrive, they move slowly toward the field of mooring buoys. Invariably, there is someone on the bow, boat hook in hand, giving directions to the person at the helm. As they approach their selected buoy, the boat slows and the person on the bow reaches way down, grabs the buoy ring with the boat hook, tries to pull the ring all the way up to the deck, but can’t. Then they lean way over and go through the gyrations of running the line and securing the buoy. This often requires the efforts of more than one person and occasionally more than one attempt. While ultimately successful this seems to us like the hardest method possible. The buoy will be secured to the bow cleats, but are there rules that say you have to catch the buoy at the bow?

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Montague Harbour to Ganges

Today passed with little incident and complete relaxation. We left Montague early and headed for the Salt Spring Marina in Ganges. With the windlass choosing not to perform the task for which it was conscripted, we need a marina and a bit of time to try and solve the problem. I always prefer to anchor, but not with the prospect of pulling all that chain and anchor up by hand staring me in the face.

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Montague to … Montague

We spent the first night at Montague anchored on the north side of the park. I have never seen so many boats inside the harbor. I guess it was a combination of the holiday weekend and the great weather. We moved to a mooring buoy in the park for the second night.

We’ve been toying with the idea of getting kayaks for the boat. Something to toddle around in that is a bit more peaceful than the inflatable and outboard. We rented a couple of kayaks at the Montague marina and paddled around the bay for a couple of hours. It was fun. I was surprised a how tippy the kayaks were. Must be my high center of gravity.  Continue reading

Port Townsend to Montague Harbour

As usual, it was an early morning start, with Rusty at the helm and Kim still happily fast asleep.   Crossing the Strait was sunny with a little chop, not many other boats around.

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