Gulf Islands – Observations and Errata

We just finished two weeks in the Gulf Islands of British Columbia. We’ve been going there for a number of years. We try to visit old favorites and make some new discoveries each time we visit. This year, the weather was fantastic. Some years are sunny, some are wet, some a combination (this is most common). We had sun, warm, and flat seas almost the entire time. It clouded up one afternoon, rained in the evening and through the night, and was clear and sunny the next morning. Perfect!

This is what boating is about.

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Otter Bay to Sidney

The RCMP boat Higgitt departed this morning. An interesting boat. They need more antennas.

Shortly thereafter, it was time for us to make the short hop over to Sidney.

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A Fine Morning

The weather forecasters were right. It was rainy and windy most all night, but clear as can be this morning. We are back on track for perfect weather.

A BC ferry is just leaving the North Pender dock. Those two other tiny white spots on the horizon are also ferries.

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