We have a drone!

Actually, it’s quadcopter. A DJI Phantom 2 Vision + quadcopter. It shoots stills and hi def video.

We took the new toy with us on our recent visit to the Gulf Islands. Here’s a collection of short clips I put together from the trip. Watch it full screen!

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Wallace Island to Ladysmith

Morning in Princess Cove was a combination of rain and fog again. After a leisurely breakfast, we stowed the kayaks and the inflatable and decided to head for Ladysmith. We have not been there before.

mv Archimedes Foggy Wallace Island morning.

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Ganges to Wallace Island

It’s a gray morning here at Wallace Island. Low clouds, not quite fog. We’ve been here two days now. For the most part, it’s been nice. Not great, but nice.

Like this photo from yesterday morning. This is better than nice.

mv Archimedes Wallace Island Sunrise 1

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Just for fun – New Header Images

Just for fun, I created a few new header images and configured the blog to randomly select the image on each page load. No particular reason, I just like the photos and got bored with the old image.

The first image was taken just after we left Point Hudson marina. Headed south to Seattle.


Headed south for Seattle near the entrance to Hood Canal. This is about as calm as it gets.

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Gulf Islands – Observations and Errata

We just finished two weeks in the Gulf Islands of British Columbia. We’ve been going there for a number of years. We try to visit old favorites and make some new discoveries each time we visit. This year, the weather was fantastic. Some years are sunny, some are wet, some a combination (this is most common). We had sun, warm, and flat seas almost the entire time. It clouded up one afternoon, rained in the evening and through the night, and was clear and sunny the next morning. Perfect!

This is what boating is about.

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Princess Cove to Telegraph Harbour

We spent some time the last two nights laying up on the flybridge. Just watching the stars. We saw several shooting stars and a number of satellites passing overhead. Living in the city, it is wonderful to actually see the milky way. We used to be able to see this often when were children, but not too much anymore.

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Princess Cove, Wallace Island

Fair warning. Today’s post is going to be kind of long. We spent a good portion of the day hiking from one end of the island to the other. Princess Cove to Chivers Point to Conover Cove to Panther Point and back to the boat.

Princess Cove is actually in roughly the middle of the island, along the southwest side, and it’s a beautiful place to anchor with stern tie.  There’s a dinghy dock for easy shore access,  and the island’s 200 acres are almost completely accessible by trail – all but roughly 11 acres that are private. Continue reading