Grand Banks rendezvous, day one

Most boats arrived Thursday afternoon. The official start of the rendezvous is Friday. A number of boats arrived Friday morning. We have new neighbors on both sides.

We met a number of people, looked at some great boats, listened to a few talks, and ate a bunch of food. We are off to a good start.

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Home again, home again

We are back! Back in our slip. It has been a long two and a half months since we dropped her off at Native Brightworks for the varnish work.

We did not have Native Brightworks varnish all the teak. There is so much on this old boat that I am resigned to it being a never ending process. We had the cap rails and handrails varnished. We also had all the grab rails sanded. I think we are just going to let them go natural. There is so much labor in keeping those up. It would actually be less expensive to have all the grab rails replaced with stainless than it would be to keep the teak rails varnished. So natural they will be.

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Work Continues …

But the end is near (or at least nearer). With luck, this will be the last (or next to last) report before we get the boat back. Yea! Work on the doors continues on schedule at Thomas Marine Interiors. The new interior panels are on the doors. As you can see, this require many clamps. Mike is going to paint the outside panels and put in new glass as well.


Courtesy Mike Thomas, Thomas Marine Interiors

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Going to Our First Rendezvous

I just signed us up to attend our first rendezvous. The Grand Banks rendezvous. May 9th to the 12th in Roche Harbor. We’ve never been to a rendezvous before. In fact, our idea of quality time on the boat generally does not include other people anywhere near us. This should be interesting. We actually do expect to have a lot of fun. How can it be bad. Lots of Grand Banks boats in one place. A very nice place on top of that.

The rendezvous is put on by the Pacific Northwest Grand Banks Owners Association.

We should be in fine condition by then. Much work is in progress. Native Brightworks will have finished the brightwork and Thomas Marine Interiors will have repaired the inside of the doors. I have a number of projects to complete between when I get the boat back and time to head to the rendezvous. And, of course, a whole lot of cleaning is required. We don’t want to look like the poor relation from the wrong side of the tracks when we get there.

We are looking forward to the experience.

Drying out before the varnishing begins …

We are now drying out at Native Brightworks. It seems the screw holes for the stanchions were not bedded well. Water found its way in. The moisture content in the wood is too high to continue the varnish work. The Native Brightworks folks have placed lights over all the screw holes in the hopes the heat will expedite the drying process.


Courtesy Richard Ehlers, Native Brightworks

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I am (officially) a Moron

I am really good at creating more work and expense for myself and those around me. For a refresher, see this post. I was visiting the boat this Saturday and moving a box from the dock to the deck. In the process, I managed to bump the handrail that was next to the boat with its first coats of sealer on it. The bump knocked the railing over and broke the front section of the railing off. This is what it should look like.


Anyway … my little stunt set the process back a few days and added a bit extra to the final bill. That’s what happens when I get in a hurry. The folks at Native Brightworks should ban me from the premises for my own good.


We Are In!

The end is now in sight. It is still a ways off, but it is there none the less. This gorgeous 55′ 1957 Chris Craft, At Last, had been undergoing extensive work prior to our arrival. At last,  At Last was moved out of Native Brightworks’ heated building and Archimedes was moved in.


Courtesy Richard Ehlers, Native Brightworks

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