Garrison Bay to Port Townsend

The anchor came up at 8:05 this morning and we were on our way to Port Townsend. It was another beautiful morning in Garrison Bay. This the first time we’ve been here. It was pretty shallow when I got up in the morning. Low tide. Seven feet.

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Sidney to Garrison Bay

We are headed back to the US today. Sadly, this starts the trip home. We’ll still have a few nice days on the boat ahead, just not what we’ve experienced the last ten days or so.

Morning in Sidney. We are the small boat on the dock full of big boats. Oddly, most seem to be from California. I cleaned the boat a bit. Kim went to town. We left when she came back.

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On our way to our first rendezvous

We are on our way to our first Grand Banks rendezvous. Our destination is Roche Harbor on San Juan Island.

This will be our first rendezvous. Our idea of boating is a quiet place with no one else are around. This will be interesting. We are sporting brand new brightwork by Native Brightworks and shiny new doors from Mike Thomas at Thomas Marine Interiors.

Last night we were at the Point Hudson marina. Fewer boats than I would have expected here. In fact, there were only six.

Archimedes at Point hudson Marina on Port Townsend

Our next stop is Roche Harbor. We’ll be on our way shortly.

Going to Our First Rendezvous

I just signed us up to attend our first rendezvous. The Grand Banks rendezvous. May 9th to the 12th in Roche Harbor. We’ve never been to a rendezvous before. In fact, our idea of quality time on the boat generally does not include other people anywhere near us. This should be interesting. We actually do expect to have a lot of fun. How can it be bad. Lots of Grand Banks boats in one place. A very nice place on top of that.

The rendezvous is put on by the Pacific Northwest Grand Banks Owners Association.

We should be in fine condition by then. Much work is in progress. Native Brightworks will have finished the brightwork and Thomas Marine Interiors will have repaired the inside of the doors. I have a number of projects to complete between when I get the boat back and time to head to the rendezvous. And, of course, a whole lot of cleaning is required. We don’t want to look like the poor relation from the wrong side of the tracks when we get there.

We are looking forward to the experience.